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In addition to shooting for environmentally-minded companies like KEEN, Patagonia, prAna and Clif Bar, she also participates in leading climate change panel discussions.

The Most Beautiful Sunsets In The World

With her degree in environmental studies and nearly a decade's worth of experience as an outdoor photographer, Meg is constantly working on projects that inspire the public to care about the planet, while activating a whole new generation of environmentalists, stewards and voters. In President Obama used the Antiquities Act to protect the nearly , acres for the 15 million people in the city below.

Christina Vidal is the travel blogger and Instagrammer behind the award-winning travel blog Jetset Christina. She bases half the year in Bali and half in California.

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The stunning Uluwatu coastline is my favorite area of the island — because of its sunsets. Bali sunsets are unlike anywhere else in the world. On a good just-cloudy-enough day, the colors explode like fireworks and stretch for miles across the sky. This sunset lit the sky on fire. It was also the very first sunset I ever saw in Bali — before deciding to move there and pursue my travel blog full-time. There's a bit of magic in Bali that is evident in every sunset.

I knew the second I saw this sunset that I was meant to be here. Social Ambassador. She previously worked in the fashion industry, and with that career path, was able to travel the world. It was in this business that she discovered her true passion: travel photography. She turned her passion into a full-time career, working with tourism boards, hotels and hot-spot destinations all over the globe. She keeps her Instagram feed full of beautiful images, travel tips and must-sees all around the world. Its art and culture, high fashion, beautiful architecture and sophisticated dining scene all blends into one factor that keeps me coming back.

Mary Quincy is a full-time photographer based in Paris.

She is fascinated by the authenticity of every place she visits and tries to capture instant moments. She is passionate about travel and aims to visit a new place every month.


Sunrise and Sunset Calculator

Self-taught, she grew a passion for photography, thanks to Instagram, on which she shares everyday moments and shots from her daily life in Paris or taken during her trips around the world. She has traveled to over 50 countries, and her constant daily goal is to see the sun set or rise. They have music, food and a little pier. And the sunset over the mountains with the planes flying through it? More than 55 countries into her journey, her passion for the world has led her to create a sizable community of female travelers where her mission is to empower them to travel more, do more and be more.

However, as the storm passed, the skies opened up into a kaleidoscope of vivid colors, bursting bright oranges and deep purples filled up every corner of my view. The clouds seemed closer to the surface of the water than ever, and I was left in total awe. It was a sight I truly hope to never forget. I love this sunset because it came totally unexpected for me.

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The sunset in Australia is always quite dramatic, but I didn't expect this one since Bicheno is located in the east coast of Australia and normally not great for sunsets. As I was walking down the beach of Bicheno, the sky suddenly turned a dramatic orange before changing to a mellow pink and turning dark. Extremely beautiful. Lone Pine has one of the most dramatic backdrops I have ever seen. This tiny town along the is butted up against the Sierra Mountain Range.

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This sunset in particular was shot at the base of Mt. Whitney — the tallest peak in the contiguous 48 states — a sure-fire breathtaking view.

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My followers say, 'When I wake up and see your photos, it is really a happy start to the day. A view of Galway bay from Doolin, Ireland. Sophie is challenging the status quo of how women are represented in sports, and is determined to lead the much-needed change to the visual narrative of surfing to create a more healthy, diverse and inclusive sporting culture. I love the top of this hill in Doolin, between my house and the coast. A sunset in southern Iceland at Reynisfjara. Vicky Navarro is an architect, photographer and content creator from Mexico City with a growing global home.

She has previously collaborated with governments and tourism boards in Dubai, Panama, Guatemala and Argentina, among others. Inspired by the many transient yet lasting connections common in travel, Vicky's content captures the essence of her environments, with a keen eye for integrative design, ethereal landscapes and singular moments.

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Elephant in silhouette against pink sunset sky of Kenya. The Insatiable Traveler. By pairing lush photography, great storytelling and travel and photography tips, Susan seeks to transport, immerse and excite readers with her stories, inspire them to embrace adventure and connect with the people and places they visit. It was a cool fall night in the Mara Triangle in Kenya, and we were headed back to camp for the night. It was a wonderful way to end the day. Here's what scientists say about "sunrise" and "sunset": The sun stays in its position at the center of our solar system.

It doesn't rise and set. But it appears to rise and set because of the Earth's rotation on its axis. It makes one complete turn every 24 hours. It turns toward the east. As the Earth rotates, different locations on Earth pass through the sun's light. The animation shows how that looks hour by hour for 4 hours. As your town turns toward the sun and begins to enter its light, the sun seems to rise in the east. As your town begins to leave the sun's light and enter darkness, it appears to set in the west. Try this!

When the Sun Sets When the Sun Sets
When the Sun Sets When the Sun Sets
When the Sun Sets When the Sun Sets
When the Sun Sets When the Sun Sets
When the Sun Sets When the Sun Sets
When the Sun Sets When the Sun Sets

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