The Sword of Allah

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He himself attacked bravely and nine swords broke in his hand, and only a shield remained with him".

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However, the forgerers of this myth have forgotten one thing that is, if Khalid and his soldiers performed such feats of bravery in the battlefield why did the people of Madina call them fugitives, and why did they receive them by throwing dust on their heads and faces when in that case i. He went to the house of Ja'far direct to inform his wife, Asma' daughter of Umays, about the death of her husband and also to offer condolences to her.

Addressing Asma', he said : "Where are my children? On observing the Prophet's intense attachment for the children, she realized that her dear husband was dead. She said: "It appears that my children have become orphans, because you are treating them as such". The Prophet wept bitterly at this moment. Then he asked his daughter, Fatimah, to prepare food and entertain the family of Ja'far for three days.

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Even after this the Prophet remained sad for Ja'far bin Abu Talib and Zayd bin Harith and as and when he entered his own house he wept bitterly for them. XXI, pp. II, page ]. About Us. Islamic Sites. Special Occasions.

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The Sword of Allah
The Sword of Allah
The Sword of Allah
The Sword of Allah
The Sword of Allah
The Sword of Allah
The Sword of Allah

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