The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)

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Most Mysterious Prehistoric Stone Age Construction

He was not accepted as a teacher in his own town of Nazareth and was rejected as the promised messiah by his people. When Jesus was crucified he symbolically took on the role of the sacrificial scapegoat who dies to cleanse the sins of the human race. It is possible that the account of the ritual of the goat-god Azazel may have been an autumn equinox or harvest rite of Syrian, Hittite or Canaanite origin adopted by the Hebrews. Originally a goat would have been selected by means of a divination ritual and then offered to a desert god or demon that had to be placated by the shedding of blood.

Eventually the sacrifice was made to Yahweh as a petition to forgive the sins of his followers. It cannot be a total coincidence that the Church imagined the Devil or Satan in the form of a hairy half-human he-goat with a massive erect phallus who had sexual intercourse with his female worshippers at the Witches Sabbath. Shemyaza is seen by some modern Luciferians as either the emissary of Lumiel or one of his avatars an incarnated divine being in human form.

He not only fell in love with human women, but also with the Babylonian deity Ishtar, the goddess of love and war. She promised to have sex with him if he would in return reveal to her the secret name of God. When Shemyaza told her, Ishtar used this forbidden knowledge to ascend to the stars and she reigned over the constellation of Pleiades or the Seven Sisters.

While the other Watchers were rounded up by the archangels and punished by God, Shemyaza voluntarily repented his error and sentenced himself to hang upside down in the constellation of Orion the Hunter, with whom he is sometimes identified in the Luciferian tradition. In the Qabalistic tradition, Naamah, the sister of the biblical first smith Tubal-Cain, seduced Azazel and she has been associated with Ishtar. They slaughtered animals for food instead and then began to hunt down and eat human prey. It has been speculated that this legend is based on the culinary habits of the nomadic desert herdsmen in the Middle East, who were voracious meat-eaters.

In the biblical myth of Cain and Abel the dispute between the two brothers that led to the first murder is over the nature of the offerings made to Yahweh. On a purely material level, as opposed to a mythic and spiritual metaphor, this story may reflect the struggle for dominance between nomadic herdsmen and the early farmers of the Neolithic Age in the Middle East. The idea of semi-divine heroes was born from the ancient myths of unions between the Gods and mortals.

In modern theosophical occultism there are legends about the lost continent of Atlantis that claim its scientists bred half-human, half-animal hybrids as a slave race. In our own time scientists are experimenting with genetic research and animal cloning experiments. It is widely rumoured that in China there have recently been abortive attempts to create a new half-human, half-animal hybrid species. These unnatural experiments led to the cataclysmic disaster that destroyed Atlantis.

This also relates to the destruction of the Nephilim and the early human race in the biblical Flood. Records of such an event can also be found in the mythology of ancient peoples worldwide and especially among the Babylonians in the Middle East. In fact, it is claimed that the story of Noah and the Flood in the Old Testament originated in Babylonian and Sumerian myths. It is known that around 10, BCE there seems to have been a cultural explosion that transformed early humankind. At the end of the last Ice Age the first signs of agriculture appeared in the Middle East with a shift from a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle to that of settled farming.

This marked the beginning of civilisation in this area. As early as BCE barley, wheat and rye were being cultivated and oats, peas and lentils were being grown by our Neolithic ancestors in what is now modern Kurdistan, between Turkey and Iraq.

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At the same time dogs, goats and sheep were also domesticated. Within a thousand years copper and lead smelting was being practised in Anatolia modern Turkey and archaeologists believe this process was first discovered in Kurdistan, along with weaving and pottery making. The ancient Kurdish culture was also the first to develop a script and was one of the earliest literate societies in the Middle East.

In some parts of Kurdistan, especially among the sect of Yezedis, who worship the Peacock Angel Azazel, the leader of the fallen angels , can be found tall, fair-haired people with blue eyes. The early indigenous people of the region, the Sumerians and Akkadians, developed the first written language, studied astronomy and created libraries. The Babylonians and Assyrians followed them and in the mythology of all these races are stories of how the Gods descended to Earth and taught them the arts of civilisation.

In the Book of Enoch it says that when Yahweh saw the lawlessness, chaos, corruption and sexual immorality that had been caused by the interaction of the Watchers and humans he decided to intervene through the agency of the archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. He commanded Raphael to bind Azazel hand and foot like a sacrificial goat and cast him into a deep ravine in the desert.

As we have seen, the fallen angel repented his sins and sentenced himself to cosmic exile among the stars. This race of ancient magicians descended to Earth on the sacred hill of Tara in prehistoric Ireland.

  1. Inhuman (Flash Fiction Challenge #4).
  2. The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism | {KSAM};
  3. By Chad Stuemke;
  4. Great White Brotherhood.

There has always been a strong belief among the peasantry in Ireland that the Good People or faeries were originally the fallen angels who sided with Lucifer in the Battle of Heaven. In this article we have constantly referred to the Watchers as angelic beings with a spiritual form who incarnated in physical bodies to have sexual relations with mortal women. In recent years a considerable amount of speculative literature has been published suggesting that instead they were of earthly origin. Lawson has claimed that this unknown ancient race may have been spiritually advanced souls who incarnated to help early humankind and were corrupted by them in the process.

Collins has also recently launched a new project to investigate the magical aspects of the legend. What is the esoteric significance behind the myth of the fallen angels, the expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven and the Fall of Man as represented by the Garden of Eden saga? In the Bible Lucifer is often depicted in the reptilian form of a dragon or serpent and in the West this creature is symbolic of evil and the powers of chaos. Babylonian, Hittite, Canaanite, Iranian, Egyptian, Greek and Norse myths all describe in various forms a struggle between a supreme father-god, representing cosmic order and harmony, and a younger rebellious god who challenges and tries to overthrow divine authority.

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Although these conflicts usually take place in a pre-human epoch, they are also sometimes depicted as occurring in world history and are often connected with the creation and early development of the human species and the rise of ancient civilisations. In order for the rover to reach Mars, NASA scientists had to perform one of the most daring manoeuvres in the history of space flight.

After a journey of million miles, approaching the atmosphere at some 8,mph, the probe first deployed a supersonic parachute and heat shield, then performed a complicated sequence of rocket blasts before being finally lowered down on a sky crane. And it had to land in precisely the right place. It was like finding a needle in a haystack from the other side of the solar system. That we can build such machines is an engineering marvel.

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Thanks to those achievements, we may finally be one step closer to perhaps answering the question whether we are alone in the universe…. If Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has reignited your childhood love of dinosaurs, why not go and see the real thing? The Carnegie Quarry, also known as the Wall of Bones, at Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah , houses one of the best-preserved collections of prehistoric life on the planet with 1, individual bones, embossed into an exposed slab of mountain rock.

Who needs the movies — dinosaurs make kids of us all.

The Fallen Angels Instruct Humanity

Where was 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' filmed? Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Redwood National Park in northern California is home to the tallest living organism on earth — Hyperion, a Great Redwood discovered in , soars a staggering If it was a building, it would be more than 35 storeys tall. To see them first hand is a humbling experience: 2, years old, they regularly reach more than feet in height, with fossil records dating back millions of years to the time of the dinosaurs — they are giants because they come from a land of giants.

To stand beneath them, their thick red bark towering above like some colossal totem pole, is not just to be dwarfed by their size but by another era entirely. Why they grow so tall is still a mystery. Resistance to disease, insect damage and fire are all contributing factors. But in the end, the science is almost less important than the sensation of being among them. Like the stars at night, Redwoods are a reminder of how small we really are. That idea, biomimicry as it's known, is now revolutionising our lives, from the way airplanes are designed to how mobile phone screens are made brighter.

And it started here: a cathedral for our time, inspired by the natural world and pointing towards the future. See it: If you have a head for heights, and aren't claustrophobic, make sure to climb the Passion Tower for spectacular views of the ocean and the Nativity Tower for the mountains.

The annual wildebeest migration across the Serengeti and Maasai Mara is the most spectacular wildlife event on the planet. More than 1. Herds stretch dozens of miles and fill the horizon with dust clouds and the thunder of their hooves. The migration is the lifeblood of the plains, fertilising the soil and providing vital protein for predators; without it the entire ecosystem would collapse. In the end, that's the true wonder of the great migration: more than mere spectacle, it is a glimpse into the interconnectedness of life itself. See it: The Mara River crossing, in Kenya , where enormous Nile crocodiles lie in wait for the wildebeest, is the most dramatic part of the migration.

Go July to September for the best chance of seeing it. Looking up at the stars has filled us with awe and mystery for as long as human beings have walked the earth. But one celestial event is special: the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, where vast curtains of colour sway in the Milky Way, shifting from light green to bright blue and red, like waves dancing on the sky. In Norse mythology they were believed to be the Valkyries leading fallen soldiers to Valhalla; the Cree Indians saw their ancestors; the Chinese, fire-breathing dragons.

Today we know they are caused by particles from the sun interacting with gases from the earth's atmosphere, but the science is upstaged by the effect. Somehow, we see ourselves reflected in their light, all that we feel but can't articulate or understand, a sense of transcendence, and hope, the unfathomable mysteries of the cosmos of which we are part.

See it: If you can be flexible, wait for reports of a coronal mass ejection an explosion of super-charged particles from the sun then go straight to a prime viewing location in the Arctic Circle.

The secret of how life on Earth began

When this solar wind passes through the earth two to three days later the Aurora will be at its peak. Check solar conditions here: swpc. To complete it took ,person-years of work - the same amount of time it took to build the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside sub-atomic particles are fired at But the real wonder is not so much in the making as in the questions it asks. Just a few thousand years ago we were rubbing sticks together to make fire.

Is Planet Earth Just One Giant Ancient Quarry...???

Now we are building machines that can look back in time to the origins of the universe itself. Alternatively, take a virtual tour on their website: visits.

The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History

The Amazon Rainforest is the most important ecosystem on earth. Ten per cent of all known species live here; it produces 20 per cent of the world's oxygen and stores one fifth of the planet's fresh water. And we've only just begun to understand it. We know more about the bottom of the ocean floor than we do about the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. But what we do know is staggering: 25 per cent of all prescription drugs derive from ingredients found in rainforests, yet less than 1 per cent of plants have been studied for their medicinal potential.

The Amazon is the pharmacy of the world and we've barely opened the door. That's its real wonder, not facts and figures, but its value as a living forest and the secrets it has yet to reveal. See it: Bolivia offers an excellent, less crowded and more affordable way to experience the Amazon.

The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2) The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)
The New Dawn on Planet Earth (Wisdom from the Ancients Book 2)

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