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Edinburgh: T. Black, Chico: Scholars Press, Denis and Haelewyck, J. Paris: Imperial Printer, Kmosko , Ed. Charlesworth , Ed. Peabody: Hendrickson, , pp. Migne , Ed. Paris: Petit-Montrouge, Augsburg: B. Filser, Clay and Sons, , pp. Cambridge, Univ. Geneva: Patrick Cramer, From BnF, arab. Heidelberg: Carl Winter's University Publishing, Bonn: A.

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Marcus and E. Webers, Louvain: Peeters, From 19 manuscripts.

Testament - Abraham - Part 1/3

German Translation C. Leipzig: J.

Hinrichs, English Translation E. Budge , Ed. London: The Religious tract Society, Arabic Manuscripts Vat.

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Sinai, Sainte-Catherine, arab. XIII cent A. Battista and Bagatti, B. Testo arabo con traduzione italiana e commento. Jerusalem: Franciscan Printing Press, Testo arabo inedito con traduzione italiana e commento. From 9 manuscripts A. Munich: Royal Academy, London: Williams and Norgate, Dillmann , Das christliche Adambuch des Morgenlandes. He showed him also a face of a fiery scimitar, and a sword-bearing face, and a face of lightning, lightening terribly, and a noise of dreadful thunder. He showed him also another face of a fierce stormy sea, and a fierce rushing river, and a terrible three-headed serpent, and a cup mingled with poisons, and in short he showed to him great fierceness and unendurable bitterness, and every mortal disease as of the odor of Death.

And from the great bitterness and fierceness there died servants and maid-servants in number about seven thousand, and the righteous Abraham came into indifference of death so that his spirit failed him. And the all- holy Abraham , seeing these things thus, said to Death, I beseech you, all-destroying Death, hide your fierceness, and put on your beauty and the shape which you had before.

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And straightway Death hid his fierceness, and put on his beauty which he had before. And Abraham said to Death, Why have you done this, that you have slain all my servants and maidservants? Has God sent you hither for this end this day? Death said, Nay, my Lord Abraham , it is not as you say, but on your account was I sent hither.

Abraham said to Death, How then have these died? Has the Lord not spoken it? Death said, Believe, most righteous Abraham , that this also is wonderful, that you also were not taken away with them. Nevertheless I tell you the truth , for if the right hand of God had not been with you at that time, you also would have had to depart from this life. The righteous Abraham said, Now I know that I have come into indifference of death, so that my spirit fails, but I beseech you, all-destroying Death, since my servants have died before their time, come let us pray to the Lord our God that he may hear us and raise up those who died by your fierceness before their time.

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And Death said, Amen , be it so. Therefore Abraham arose and fell upon the face of the ground in prayer , and Death together with him, and the Lord sent a spirit of life upon those that were dead and they were made alive again. Then the righteous Abraham gave glory to God. And going up into his chamber he lay down, and Death came and stood before him. And Abraham said to him, Depart from me, for I desire to rest, because my spirit is in indifference. Death said, I will not depart from you until I take your soul.


And Abraham with an austere countenance and angry look said to Death, Who has ordered you to say this? You say these words of yourself boastfully, and I will not go with you until the chief-captain Michael come to me, and I shall go with him. But this also I tell you, if you desire that I shall accompany you, explain to me all your changes, the seven fiery heads of serpents and what the face of the precipice is, and what the sharp sword, and what the loud-roaring river, and what the tempestuous sea that rages so fiercely.

Teach me also the unendurable thunder, and the terrible lightning, and the evil-smelling cup mingled with poisons. Teach me concerning all these. And Death answered, Listen, righteous Abraham. For seven ages I destroy the world and lead all down to Hades, kings and rulers, rich and poor, slaves and free men, I convoy to the bottom of Hades, and for this I showed you the seven heads of serpents.

The face of fire I showed you because many die consumed by fire, and behold death through a face of fire. The face of the precipice I showed you, because many men die descending from the tops of trees or terrible precipices and losing their life, and see death in the shape of a terrible precipice. The face of the sword I showed you because many are slain in wars by the sword, and see death as a sword. The face of the great rushing river I showed you because many are drowned and perish snatched away by the crossing of many waters and carried off by great rivers, and see death before their time.

The face of the angry raging sea I showed you because many in the sea falling into great surges and becoming shipwrecked are swallowed up and behold death as the sea. The unendurable thunder and the terrible lightning I showed you because many men in the moment of anger meet with unendurable thunder and terrible lightning coming to seize upon men, and see death thus.

I showed you also the poisonous wild beasts, asps and basilisks, leopards and lions and lions' cubs, bears and vipers, and in short the face of every wild beast I showed you, most righteous one, because many men are destroyed by wild beasts, and others by poisonous snakes, serpents and asps and cerastes and basilisks and vipers, breathe out their life and die.

I showed you also the destroying cups mingled with poison, because many men being given poison to drink by other men straightway depart unexpectedly. Abraham said, I beseech you, is there also an unexpected death? Tell me. Death said, Verily, verily, I tell you in the truth of God that there are seventy-two deaths. One is the just death, buying its fixed time, and many men in one hour enter into death being given over to the grave. Behold, I have told you all that you have asked, now I tell you, most righteous Abraham , to dismiss all counsel, and cease from asking anything once for all, and come, go with me, as the God and judge of all has commanded me.

The Testament of Abraham

Abraham said to Death, Depart from me yet a little, that I may rest on my couch, for I am very faint at heart, for since I have seen you with my eyes my strength has failed me, all the limbs of my flesh seem to me a weight as of lead, and my spirit is distressed exceedingly. Depart for a little; for I have said I cannot bear to see your shape.

Then Isaac his son came and fell upon his breast weeping, and his wife Sarah came and embraced his feet, lamenting bitterly.

There came also his men slaves and women slaves and surrounded his couch, lamenting greatly. And Abraham came into indifference of death, and Death said to Abraham , Come, take my right hand, and may cheerfulness and life and strength come to you. For Death deceived Abraham , and he took his right hand, and straightway his soul adhered to the hand of Death. And immediately the archangel Michael came with a multitude of angels and took up his precious soul in his hands in a divinely woven linen cloth, and they tended the body of the just Abraham with divine ointments and perfumes until the third day after his death, and buried him in the land of promise, the oak of Mamre, but the angels received his precious soul , and ascended into heaven, singing the hymn of thrice holy to the Lord the God of all, and they set it there to worship the God and Father.

And after great praise and glory had been given to the Lord, and Abraham bowed down to worship, there came the undefiled voice of the God and Father saying thus, Take therefore my friend Abraham into Paradise, where are the tabernacles of my righteous ones, and the abodes of my saints Isaac and Jacob in his bosom, where there is no trouble, nor grief, nor sighing, but peace and rejoicing and life unending.

And let us, too, my beloved brethren, imitate the hospitality of the patriarch Abraham , and attain to his virtuous way of life, that we may be thought worthy of the life eternal , glorifying the Father , Son and Holy Ghost ; to whom be glory and power forever. It came to pass, when the days of the death of Abraham drew near, that the Lord said to Michael: Arise and go to Abraham , my servant, and say to him, You shall depart from life, for lo!

The days of your temporal life are fulfilled: so that he may set his house in order before he die. And Michael went and came to Abraham , and found him sitting before his oxen for ploughing, and he was exceeding old in appearance, and had his son in his arms. Abraham , therefore, seeing the archangel Michael, rose from the ground and saluted him, not knowing who he was, and said to him: The Lord preserve you.

May your journey be prosperous with you. And Michael answered him: You are kind, good father. Abraham answered and said to him: Come, draw near to me, brother, and sit down a little while, that I may order a beast to be brought that we may go to my house, and you may rest with me, for it is toward evening, and in the morning arise and go wherever you will, lest some evil beast meet you and do you hurt.

Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham
Testament of Abraham Testament of Abraham

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