Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)

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It turns out Volga sold his tech to both the British and the Quaddees. Psylocke is able to find out that the super-powered British Special forces team will all die soon from Volga's tech, so the team sacrifices themselves so MI and X-Force can escape. They also learn that there's a secret organization called the Yellow Eye spying on all mutants, [26] who also kidnapped Domino.

His power is to immediately be forgotten by anybody who speaks with him and to be completely unnoticed by people around him unless he acknowledges them.

Only Xavier knows of his existence—even setting a psychic alarm clock to check in with ForgetMeNot every hour to remind him somebody remembers him. He hangs around the X-Mansion repelling attackers and saving the X-Men multiple times, without them realizing it and blaming it on dumb luck or deus ex machina.

The team has great difficulty catching ForgetMeNot, since whenever he hides they forgot about him then take a coffee break, where a prerecorded video by Dr. Nemesis plays reminding them to find ForgetMeNot. This turns into a viscous cycle, almost like a time loop , until ForgetMeNot realizes that he was brought here to trick the Yellow Eye spybots which look like tiny gnats into allowing himself to be tracked, place a reverse tracking beacon on one and then the drone will forget him immediately and not self-destruct.

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This plan works; however, Fantomex then kills ForgetMeNot. Stating that he knew about him all the time since he has three brains and nanobots in his brain. Fantomex says he does it because he is evil and bored. The ships cleaning bots sweep away ForgetMeNot's body and Dr. Nemesis forgets speaking with him and assumes he figured out how to track the spybots on his own. He then reveals that he knew Hope Summers was posing as Meme. She then shoots Fantomex in the head. Cable debates using the Yellow Eye Technology, but Psylocke wants the facility destroyed.

They don't have time to debate since the second clone of Cable was already at the facility with Dr. Nemesis tracking Volga during the prior fight. The team doesn't have time to debate the morality since Fantomex was able to recode Volga's super virus code when he died and E. ForgetMeNot also reveals himself to Hope Summers and explains that the original Meme is still alive and saved him by transferring his consciousness and then repaired his body with the ships clean up bots. He reveals that Meme is actually dying, and once she dies Hope will not be able to copy Meme's powers and communicate with the team using her hacking powers.

ForgetMeNot then pushes Psylocke into Hope, who then copies her psychic powers and reveals to the team her troubles childhood and how despite Cable saving her life by traveling between dimensions, she has outgrown him morally and doesn't look up to him. Marrow then kills the Cable clone. Hope also revealed their location to Fantomex, who is on his way to kill them. Domino and Psylocke distract Fantomex while ForgetMeNot sneaks up to him and teleports him to Hope, who copies his super-powers, as well as the entire teams. She releases all the Cable clones against Fantomex. Nemesis's super intellect, then figures out that Fantomex doesn't believe he is imperfect, but reveals to him that perfect requires cracks and inadequacies and perfection is really being a team.

Fantomex cannot comprehend this and has a mental breakdown. Psylocke then uses her psi-blade to scramble his mind. The team later reveals they "fired" Cable from the team. A, Fantomex , Psylocke , Wolverine. Various stories and series have been collected into trade paperbacks :. Before the team best known as X-Force debuted, Marvel introduced an unrelated, little-known group also called X-Force.

Venom The Madness

It was a short-lived group that was designed to replace Freedom Force. The members were not mutants, but received their powers artificially and were named after the X-Men. This group was organized by a government agency known as M Branch and only appeared in the pages of Cloak and Dagger 9—10 X-Force is mentioned for the first time outside of the comics in the anime series Marvel Anime: X-Men. No other information is given about the team, other than that they gave the X-Men all their intel about the villains.

Lauren Shuler Donner and Matthew Vaughn will produce. The film was planned to be released sometime in the year On November 9, , Kinberg announced to The Hollywood Reporter that the film is still on their schedule.

In the post-credits scene , however, Deadpool uses Cable's time travel device to travel back in time and successfully prevents Peter, who he has come to like, from meeting his gruesome end. Following the release of Deadpool 2 in May , co-writer Rhett Reese confirmed the X-Force movie will be an R-rated take on X-Men and will have "all the sex, violence, and silliness one would expect from the Deadpool-skewed militarized mutant force".

Reese said "they can get their hands dirty a little bit. There's more gray area.

It'll be raunchier, it'll be rated R, I'm sure. We'll get to see an ensemble movie that's pushed, hopefully, as far as the Deadpool individual movie was pushed. It seems that the movies are cancelled after the 21st century acquisition. Capcom 3. In April , the popular Web comic Homestar Runner featured a parody titled Xeriouxly Forxe , in which all of the site's main characters except Homsar were re-designed to look like X-Men. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Group of fictional characters. This article is about the Marvel Comics superhero team. Army General Stilwell, see X Force. For other uses, see X force disambiguation. Variant cover of X-Force vol. Main article: Uncanny X-Force.

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See also: Messiah War. Main article: Necrosha. Main article: X-Men: Second Coming. Digital Spy.

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Creators : Stan Lee Jack Kirby. Acolytes A.

Blackbird Cerebro Danger Room. Alpha Flight Crimson Dawn Inhumans vs. X-Men comic books. Dracula X Target X. Categories Titles Storylines. Gambit Mrs. Len Wein John Romita Sr. Ultimate Wolverine Old Man Logan. Stan Lee Jack Kirby.

Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)
Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)
Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)
Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)
Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)
Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)
Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series) Make Me: Volume 4 (The Demon Underground Series)

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