Kidnapped (Regency Novella)

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Robert Elliot began marrying couples in The son of a Northumberland farmer, Elliot had worked at various trades—most of them involving coaching work. When he went to work for a Mr. Wilson, keeping his coach-horses at Springfield, he met Joseph Paisley. Elliot continued to perform weddings until In he published his memoirs, which sold in private subscription of one guinea each, and this is all we have of the records of who he might have married. But when the earl went seeking Mr.

They were chased to the Scottish border by an irate Mr. Child and barely made it across to be wed. Child never forgave them. Runaway marriages seem to have run in the family.

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The trip to Gretna from London could not have been pleasant, even in a well-sprung coach that would absorb most of the ruts and swaying. It was some miles or so from London to Gretna. The trip would be longer if a couple, in fear of pursuit, chose to stay to side roads in an attempt to throw anyone following off the scent. To travel fast, the horses would need to be changed every 10 or 20 miles, meaning at least 16 stops along the way. And the cost of it!

A post chaise and four might cost as much as 3 shillings a mile. And there is the return trip home to be paid for as well. But such expense would seem as nothing if the bride came with a fortune attached. The trip would also be tedious. With this in mind, the trip might take as little as 25 hours, with very good horses and frequent changes. But there were the potential delays of a horse going lame, a wheel falling off, muddy roads, snow, or other bad weather conditions to slow the pace. But a private coach could make better times—it would be lighter and therefore faster.

Hungerfate: The Kidnapping of Jason Smith

To wed in Gretna, a couple had only to find one of the anvil priests. He would call on his neighbors to have the necessary two witnesses. In , and with railways coming into being, a bill finally passed to make a Gretna wedding ceremony illegal, and that effectively ended the days of a runaway marriage. Since then, wedding laws have relaxed somewhat and Gretna Green is again a popular spot for weddings, but for romantic rather than legal reasons. While legislation has done away with the need for couples to flee to Greta Green, the village thrives by playing on its association with star-crossed young lovers and desperate romantic rides through the night for a happily ever after.

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Kidnap Victim Abby Hernandez Recounts 9 Months in ‘Chamber of Horrors’

Name required. Search for:. Post to Cancel. However, both of these individuals are hiding from past secrets and trying to escape unpleasant situations, which means the relationship is bound to have complications. Can they make it work? Author: Kieran Kramer. The two are falling for one another against all odds, so will they ever be together? Author: Annie Burrows. When Lady Sarah Latymor nurses the battle wounds of Major Tom Bartlett, he decides he wants her hand in marriage, but his stubbornness sends her away instead.

However, Lady Sarah is bound and determined to get back into his heart and his life, regardless of what it costs her. Author: Jennifer Ashley. This intriguing story involves an exotic princess, a little magic, a Scottish warrior, and a lot of spiciness that contribute to this interesting story, and they all make for a completely captivating and unique storyline. Ross Durden is a farmer by day and a highwayman by night. He hates injustice, and when he meets the beautiful actress Charity Weston, the two are drawn into an intriguing situation that neither of them are prepared for.

Author: Jessica Benson. Just what is Gwen going to do? She went into the chapel intending to marry one man, but came out being married to his twin brother, Harry.

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Now, her life is filled with questions. Why did this happen? Why is he masquerading around town as his brother? And most importantly, why is Harry trying to seduce her? Author: Emily Greenwood. Lily Teagarden had her heart broken by Hal, the viscount Roxham, and now the strange happenings on his property force her to come face-to-face with him once again. Author: Virginia Heath. However, the man leaves her instead with his brother Finn Matlock, then disappears.

Their fake betrothal hits an unexpected snag when Finn starts to become more and more intrigued with young Evie.

Smashwords – Hungerfate: The Kidnapping of Jason Smith – a book by Eric Reese

Author: Carla Kelly. Author: Tracey Devlyn. Ethan deBeau works for the government and is used to seducing women in order to get information from them. His latest case is different, involving a missing boy.

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He runs into a snag when he meets a Miss Sydney Hunt, who has deep suspicions about him. He then has to try and do his job without her interference, which proves to be more difficult than he thought.

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Andrew Gilvry has returned to Scotland after a heartbreak and is assigned to look after Rowena MacDonald, a widow, as they journey across the highlands. However, something in her soft eyes intrigues him, and he is unsure how long he can go without kissing her. Author: Stephanie Sloane. When Lady Lucinda Grey becomes the charge of Lord William Randall, who must protect her from a kidnapping plot, neither expected what happens next. Lord William is a rake who never intended to get serious with anyone, especially not someone as independent as Lady Lucinda, so the two must fight off urges to get serious while on the assignment.

Author: Liz Tyner. Isabel Morton wants to sing, and this desire brings her to a seedy part of London where she is eventually rescued by the handsome William Balfour.

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He accepts, even though Lady Sophia is promised to his brother. It soon becomes obvious that Lady Sophia is the love of his life, but he is torn between his attraction to her and his love for his brother. What will he do in the end? Author: Amelia Grey. Meet Mirabella Wittingham, who is intent on finding the man who made her cousin commit suicide. Author: Judith McNaught. Whitney Stone is in love with her childhood sweetheart, Paul. However, when her bankrupt father promises her to the Duke of Claymore, she is more determined than ever to get out of that marriage and go back to Paul. Author: Erica Ridley Maxwell Gideon, a vice merchant, is arrogant and handsome. Their lives will intertwine in a maddening way, and Bryony shows Max that two can play at this game. She even promises to wear it herself and cause a rake to fall in love with her in 10 days, and she decides to test it out on Nicholas Pringle, known as Saint Nick.

Kidnapped (Regency Novella) Kidnapped (Regency Novella)
Kidnapped (Regency Novella) Kidnapped (Regency Novella)
Kidnapped (Regency Novella) Kidnapped (Regency Novella)
Kidnapped (Regency Novella) Kidnapped (Regency Novella)
Kidnapped (Regency Novella) Kidnapped (Regency Novella)

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