How to Take Nighttime Pictures

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The Essential Night Photography Tool Kit

Fireworks against a black sky are colorful, but not that exciting in a photograph.

Reference points—buildings, hillsides, trees, monuments—help a lot. If you're thinking about layering your fireworks' images into other pictures or combining a few into one image, then the blank sky background is the way to go, as you'll want nothing else but lights and sparkles. I suggest you use an electronic cable release, wired or wireless, because the less you touch the camera, the better. A wide-angle lens is ideal, but if you're farther away from the sky show than you'd like to be, a telephoto will be helpful.

Then you can incorporate the movies and stills into a compelling slideshow or edited movie to share with family and friends. You could also get really creative and play around with the focus, to see how you can capture the colors. As with shooting still images, using a tripod when shooting fireworks in D-Movie mode is essential.


12 Tips for Taking Gorgeous Nighttime Photos | Tom's Guide

A tripod is essential for fireworks. Get a good one: strong, sturdy, solid. Set it up so your camera's brought up to eye level by the height of the tripod's legs, not the height of the center column. For maximum camera stability, keep the center column as low as you can. Just set the camera's image quality for NEF RAW shooting , shoot the fireworks against a dark sky — making sure to leave room at the bottom of the frame that will be devoid of any of the fireworks.

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Later on, when you have taken a photograph also at night of a building for instance, you can very quickly layer the two photos in-camera without the need for a computer. The mirrorless cameras can capture still images, time-lapse and video. You'll want to follow many of the tips that you would use when shooting with a DSLR. A remote to trigger the shutter without causing camera shake is a must.

It's helpful because as you do long exposures, the camera's sensor tends to build up heat that translates as noise in an image. Long exposure NR goes a long way toward canceling the noise.

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Turn off the autofocus, otherwise it might have difficulty locking onto focus. Manually focus your lens at infinity. When the fireworks start I tend to mark my exposures not so much by time but by the number of air bursts. I'll expose for three, four or five bursts; sometimes I'll keep the shutter open for up to ten. Fireworks shows last a pretty long time, so you'll be able to check the back of the camera to see how your best guesses for exposure are turning out.

Night Sky Photography Tips

I review the first shot—looking for detail, color and sharpness—and adjust from there. If I'm underexposed a bit, I'll open the aperture; if overexposed, I'll close down. Because I'm on Bulb, I can expose for the entire length of a fireworks burst. I'll simply cover the lens until I'm ready and then uncover it for a full fireworks burst.

How To Take Photos at Night - Brandon Woelfel

Both of these apps offer individual control over elements of the photo before you shoot it, including a live viewfinder. On the iPhone, Moment - Pro Camera , developed by the mobile camera lens makers, and the long-time veteran, Pro Camera , are both full-featured manual camera apps with video support and other extras.

1. Shoot in manual mode.

You can use either app to shoot in RAW format, too, which is particularly helpful when it comes to editing night time photos after the fact. The hot trend in smartphones these days is bundling in different rear-camera lenses. Both apps support RAW image processing, so you can take those data-laden photos and tweak them to your liking. The A. Master your Android phone or tablet with our ample collection of guides, tips, and tricks. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. How to Become a Better Street Photographer.

How to Meter for a Night Exposure

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How to Take Nighttime Pictures How to Take Nighttime Pictures
How to Take Nighttime Pictures How to Take Nighttime Pictures
How to Take Nighttime Pictures How to Take Nighttime Pictures
How to Take Nighttime Pictures How to Take Nighttime Pictures
How to Take Nighttime Pictures How to Take Nighttime Pictures
How to Take Nighttime Pictures How to Take Nighttime Pictures

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