Freshman Year, 91-92

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Hill-Laettner documentary focuses on championship seasons

In addition, we ask that you attend lab meetings Mondays pm.

You might be involved in making up stimuli for experiments e. More advanced students might also be involved in brain scanning studies fMRI studies that take place at the Martinos Center in Charlestown. Moreover, you will be asked to help in general lab duties, such as maintaining callback lists, creating slides, and organizing study materials. Students doing a Senior Research Project or a Senior Thesis will primarily be working on running their own research projects. We have a number of ongoing projects in the lab.


They mainly revolve around the broad question of how we use language to build up meaning. These projects are mainly led by graduate students and postdocs.

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You would work primarily with one of these researchers. You can register for courses Psy 91 and 92 one per semester if research is relatively new to you. More experienced students can take Psy and Please see above sections for Undergraduate tracks.

If you choose to do independent research, your project must be related to work currently being done at the lab. Most of the work we do is basic cognitive neuroscience and psycholinguistics. It is not directly clinical. Sometimes we run studies with patients with schizophrenia. This would give an opportunity to interact with such patients.

However, it is not a direct clinical experience. Not during the semester. You can register for Psy 97 and 98 one for each semester. If you are more senior, you can register for Psy and again, one per semester. This is usually possible in our lab if the chosen subject is directly related to a topic that we are investigating in the lab.

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We will come up with a complete reading list and, at the end, you will be expected to write a full review with references on this subject. I am interested in organizing my own research or my own internship off campus. The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online. Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. Johns Hopkins University puts its outstanding freshmen to work on advanced chemical research during their second semester.

The students develop an insight into chemistry and a feeling for chemical inquiry far beyond expectations, says JHU chemistry professor Donald H. Andrews, who directs the program. He compares their work favorably to that done by first-year graduate students. The JHU chemistry department started the freshman research program last year with six students.

Cassius Winston is the Detroit Free Press prep person of the year

It continues this spring with two students. This year's research group is smaller, Dr. This season he averaged Basketball award. Over the last four years, basketball at U-D Jesuit went from just another athletic activity to a must-attend social event, which is why Winston has been named the Free Press Prep Person of the Year.

You figure out all of that in middle school and then you be that student in high school. I wanted him to have a pretty rigorous program for middle school. Academics was the sole reason Winston enrolled in the Academy. His parents told him after two years he could choose his high school, but they wanted him to be pushed academically in middle school, because that clearly was not the case in elementary school.

Not only did he belong, he felt he belonged here. He arrived at that feeling after becoming a genuine student, one who carried a flashlight so he could study in the car on the way back from practices and games. After two years at the Academy, Winston said he wanted to attend the high school at U-D. We had guys who just wanted to win and I came in and helped out a little bit.

First Division (until 91/92)

Not only did he spend a lot of time on the court improving his individual skills, he was a tireless worker in the weight room, going from a pound freshman to a pound senior. He was on the track working on conditioning. From that our program just keeps skyrocketing. It was hard work, it was this kid spent hours of gym time just working on his individual skills trying to get better and other kids kind of took the lead and followed that model.

Slowly but surely, Winston changed the basketball culture at U-D. Winston enjoyed a marvelous junior season, earning Free Press Dream Team All-State honors as the team followed a similar tournament path and lost to eventual champ Detroit Western in the semifinals.

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The Cubs were destined to win a fourth Catholic League title this past winter, even had Winston or his teammates not improved an iota from his junior season — but a state title was a different matter. The teams out there were too good for me to just carry us, so in the summer we made everyone put a lot of work in, a lot of effort toward this and make sure everyone knew our goal, so come the season everyone was ready.

Freshman Year, 91-92 Freshman Year, 91-92
Freshman Year, 91-92 Freshman Year, 91-92
Freshman Year, 91-92 Freshman Year, 91-92
Freshman Year, 91-92 Freshman Year, 91-92
Freshman Year, 91-92 Freshman Year, 91-92
Freshman Year, 91-92 Freshman Year, 91-92

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