DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Look back over your goals and as you read through what you've written, pay attention to the little voice inside your head, or the gut reaction that you have as you experience the articulation of your dreams. Now ask yourself which side of the equation you're on for each one. Be honest no-one's reading over your shoulder after all! It takes 28 days to form a habit. So, for the next 28 days, each time you see, hear or feel yourself moving onto the Effect side of the equation, stop yourself and do something that you know will move you into Cause. Essentially this will be about taking action of some kind , whether it's making a phone call or listening to that piece of music that always puts you in a fabulous frame of mind, writing in your journal, adding to your vision board or reciting a positive affirmation to yourself.

Who's Driving This Bus?

You could pinch yourself, do a little happy dance or whatever makes sense for you - the key here is to do whatever it is that will move you back into Cause and into the driving seat of your own life. Now's the time to check the tyres, fill up the oil, fuel up and then you're on your way - honking your horn to let the world know that you're in charge of your bus, your journey and your life.

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HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Cause is greater than Effect. The near relations of the gunnas are the 'wouldas', the 'shouldas' and the 'couldas'.

As in:. Who is Driving the Bus? You can choose the route you take and the passengers you select to take on the journey with you.

Reality check. You hold the key to achieving your dreams.

Linda Goudsmit

Think about the dreams that you have for your life. Write down your top 5 goals or desires. Please share the ways you make sure that you're 'driving the bus' by posting a comment below. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. And the free lunches that are included in the cost of the bus tour. Who's missing? Oh yeah, we need someone to drive the bus.

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  • I think I'd better drive this bus. All aboard? Seatbelts buckled? Okay, first stop Vicksburg! Monjo Told in the first-person voice of Fred, Ulysses S. Grant's twelve-year-old son, the story is written in a spare, poetic style that predates the current trend of novels-in-verse.

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    This story of an English immigrant who gets trapped between the two sides of the Civil War is one of those popular books that still somehow went out of print. Patricia Clapp didn't write many books during her career, but all of them remain well-remembered and loved by a lot of readers. Now on to Antietam Rather than tell you about the plot, I think I'll read a scene in which the protagonist encounters the fallen bodies of soldiers on a battleground: In front of us a soldier is crumpled in a heap, his legs draped over a log.

    His arms are raised about his head, stiff as iron pokers.

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    Look, look! A little teaspoon of light, green as a cat's eye, winks out from the soldier's breast. It pops from between two buttons and holds still three inches over the top of him. Whatever it might be, it's as slight as a baby's sigh. For one beat of a heart, the thirty-acre cornfield is a carpet of emerald stars. No bigger than dollar pieces, they spill from the fallen men as far as a person can see. Then they bubble upward and vanish into the blackness of the sky.

    My Tennessee friend steers me to an uphill path and gives me his lantern.

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    Published in , this book is so popular that it's currently available in at least thirty editions -- not to mention Kindle and Cliff Notes versions. Clifton Wisler concerns a drummer boy sent to Andersonville Prison. The narrator ends up in the Andersonville Prison in this one too. A lot of readers think this is is one of Paulsen's best books. In fact, Booklist magazine selected it as their "Top of the List" title for Perez , which places its protagonist at Gettysburg, with two of his cousins fighting on the opposing side.

    Then one day he accidentally travels back in time and visits the Battle of Bull Run himself Their chili today was bad enough. Digging in her purse. And I am going to share it with my kidlit teacher! Takes phone from purse. The past is fine, but the present has some benefits as well. Please stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?
    DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus? DEAR AMERICA: Whos Driving the Bus?

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