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Eagles transforms his blood patina into the sublime, depicting these explosive scenes of sprawling tendrils and bulges of color that seem in constant motion. Blood, copper, preserved on plexiglass, UV resin. This process of manipulating bovine blood into preserved resin displays has been Eagles' signature art-making method for over a decade.

And through the years of experimentation, he's delved into blood's transformative textural patterns as well as its conceptual relationship to regeneration and decomposition. While his works may not always convey the intimate blood handling that goes into each project, the video Eagles has created to accompany the exhibit certainly shows the ritualistic steps of the resin creations. Stretching gauze soaked in blood, grinding aged blood cells into dust, and burning the thick red pools are performance acts in themselves. It is the first of three simultaneous fall solo exhibitions for the artist, the second being held at the International Museum of Surgical Sciences in Chicago starting on September 14th and the third at The Butcher's Daughter in Detroit beginning September 22nd.

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Check out the images of "Hemofields" in the slideshow below and, if you aren't hemophobic, watch the video above to see Eagles' entire process. The Guardian. If the artists we've mentioned so far have something in common, besides being crazy, it's that they all did these things to themselves: They pulled out their own nails, made themselves vomit or told their friends to shoot them to shock us or weird us out, while we normal people scratched our heads and laughed. Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramovic turned that around by letting the audience decide what to do to her After pulling off relatively tame performance pieces like the one where she intentionally stabbed her fingers 40 times or when she laid down in the middle of a burning wooden star and almost died, Abramovic took things to the next level with her piece Rhythm 0 , in which she simply stood in front of a table with 72 items on it, including a gun, metal chains, an axe and razor blades.

A sign informed the audience that they could do literally anything to Abramovic with these items, and she wouldn't say anything or resist. At first, they just played around with her, tickling her with feathers or using her as a coat rack, presumably. However, little by little, they started getting more aggressive. Someone tore off her clothes and pressed thorns into her stomach. Another person cut her neck with a knife and licked her blood. Then, a woman grabbed the gun from the table, loaded it with a bullet and made Abramovic point it at her own neck , pressing her fingers to see if she resisted.

She didn't. This went on for six hours. Flickr It wasn't the best day to organize a museum visit from Sociopaths Anonymous. After the six hours were over, Abramovic snapped out of it and began walking toward the audience, who freaked and ran away. The disturbing part about Abramovic's performance is that, as crazy as she was for coming up with the idea, the completely normal people who happened to be visiting the museum that day turned out to be even worse.

So she Rayan is also known as Bama Bhai, and you can follow him on Twitter here.

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Sometimes the follow-up is worse than original headline-grabbing story. Some people in entertainment don't even bother trying to come up with fresh ideas. Don't make me do this again.

Artist uses real blood to protest Trump

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All the times artists used blood for radical work

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Get That Paper! Add to Favorites. Continue Reading Below. Our Blood follows a series of sculptures made by Quinn using his own blood since Our Blood is the first time Quinn will work with the blood of other people, choosing this material for its conceptual and material significance.

Donation process overview. Each individual blood donor - refugee and non-refugee is given the opportunity to tell their story, share their experiences and explain how they want to help. Our Blood is not only a sculpture but also a library and video archive of human history and humanitarianism.

The Blood Artists: A Novel: Chuck Hogan: Books

In public spaces, using screens and outdoor media, each hosting city will be virtually populated by films of Our Blood donors telling their stories. With their unique and human stories integrated into the fabric of each city, these individuals will become temporary citizens for the duration of the exhibition. Through personal stories and public advocacy from well-known refugees and non-refugees, including intellectuals and opinion formers, Our Blood will harness the power of influence to spread the word and achieve the greatest possible impact. Our Blood will raise funds for refugees. Through the sale of the artwork donated by Quinn and various fundraising initiatives, Our Blood aims to raise millions of dollars to support refugees.

Our Blood will debut in New York City — a city built on immigration and the ideals of freedom, acceptance and diversity. Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue.

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  • The Library is free and open to all, and welcomes everyone to explore its 88 branches and four research libraries and their myriad of programs and services. The Library features several programs specifically focused on immigrant and refugee populations including formal ESOL classes, drop-in conversation classes, tech training courses, citizenship classes, bilingual storytimes and cultural programming including many author talks on books by and about refugees.

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