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I very much enjoyed the first volume, and, unusually for the second volume of a series, this improves on the first, if anything. It certainly doesn't suffer from the usual Middle Book Syndrome. Many second volumes are largely filler; this stands on its own as an enjoyable book, while building on the first volume and setting up for the third. I am heartily sick of the Chosen One of Disclaimer: the author offered me a free copy, with no expectations, because I had given the first book a good review.

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I am heartily sick of the Chosen One of Prophecy, but Morgan Alreth manages the difficult feat of giving us a Chosen One of Prophecy who's not spoiled, entitled, whiny, Cursed with Awesome or operating in god mode, and what's more gives us True Love that's troubled and far from idyllic for believable reasons. He gives us a female lead who's not a Kick-Ass Heroine which means exactly like an excessively violent man, only emotionally screwed up and interested in clothes , a Damsel in Distress, a Woman in a Refrigerator or any of the other worn-out tropes I've grown so weary of.

Pete and Jess feel like real characters, not cardboard cut-outs covered in trope tags. Their actions, their relationships, how they feel about their situation, their conflicts, all ring true, and I never felt that they were doing, saying or feeling anything simply in order to make the plot come out some predetermined way.

The secondary characters mostly felt real as well, though with so many of them not every one could be distinctive. The writing has the occasional touch of passive voice, though it's not obtrusive, and the version I read needed a thorough proofread. I've passed some notes on to the author and anticipate that the proofreading errors will be fixed very soon. Otherwise, it's well-written, vivid and vigorous, and carried me enjoyably through a believable plot in the company of likeable and realistic characters.

I loved this book! The story started in Athame has gained so much depth and complexity. Things break down fast from the apparent resolution at the end of Athame. Both Pete and Jess have a long road not only back to each other but to recognize their roles in finding a real solution to the issues stirred up in the first book. I laughed out loud several times--not because the book is meant to be humorous, but because the characters feel so real and true and they have to so completely upend their live I loved this book!

I laughed out loud several times--not because the book is meant to be humorous, but because the characters feel so real and true and they have to so completely upend their lives.

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That just inherently creates situations that make me smile. Do read Athame first, though. All I can say is hurry up and write that third book. The series continues in a third book which at the time of writing has not yet been released. These are fantasy books, set in a world where humans are the most numerous species, but share the land and especially the forest with several other natural and supernatural life forms. Relationships between the species tend to drift from neutral towards hostile, with occasional times of cooperation for specific shared goals.

Magic is, as you might expect, a vital part of the setting. The magic system is based around the four classical elements fire, water, earth, air , with connections to the four seasons as well as other binary or four-fold natural or human divisions. Each element is linked to a deity with suitable qualities. It seems to me to be fundamentally well thought-out, particularly in Wrath where there is more development of the interconnections. An important plot theme is that pretty much any serious use of magic tends to have unpredictable side-effects, small compared to the original purpose but needing to be taken into account.

Athame opens in a wild and dangerous forest. A woman living here, Jess, chooses to help a man, Pete, who is lost, saving his life from any number of potential threats.

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He turns out to be a significant player in the royal succession drama unfolding in the country. Unsurprisingly, but credibly, the two eventually become lovers. The plot continues with Jess and Pete venturing out of the forest and back to the capital city. This turns out to be every bit as dangerous as the wild forest, but with human rather than exotic enemies.

There are definite echoes of Crocodile Dundee here, though the gender roles are switched, and the couple here is much more equally matched in talent and ability. Athame ends with them having resolved a serious external threat, but separating for what appear to be perfectly sensible and necessary reasons. However, this is a source of grief to both.

Wrath — over twice as long according to my kindle — tracks subsequent events. They start separately, in different regions of the world, as they try to resolve their individual destinies; both have to face different but significant threats. Eventually they reunite, but tact and spoiler avoidance forbids me saying how this turns out. Suffice it to say that their quest returns them to their country of origin, which by now has fallen into serious civil unrest.

The hints and clues you get about the third book indicate that the overall problems of succession and disunity will be resolved, perhaps with a level of reconciliation between the various non-human species as well. So, the books are interesting, and many aspects of the world seem credible to me. What are the down sides? Rural settings may well be dangerous, but are basically clean and honourable; rural individuals are poor and bluntly spoken but honest.

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In contrast, cities and towns — anything bigger than a handful of houses together — are filthy, disease-ridden, and full of cruel and wickedly motivated individuals. Countryside is good: towns are bad. I am not really convinced by this. In Athame , another rather simple binary opposition is between organised religion largely in the hands of men and fundamentally corrupt and personal spirituality largely in the hands of women and basically uplifting and respectable.

Wrath is more nuanced about this, and smooths out the earlier stark contrast into lots of intermediate shades of a spectrum. Another difficulty is with the opponents. I guess it is par for the course for fantasy heroes to get increasingly more powerful themselves, and have a coterie of increasingly powerful followers.

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But how do you then find worthy adversaries? Somehow, the filthy, disease-ridden cities and their temples manage to turn out a whole collection of fearsome, top-of-the range fighting men and magician-priests. The production of the kindle copy is mixed. However, there are a surprising number of spelling errors, format problems, and other minor issues which should have been caught during rounds of proof reading.

In summary, these two books still come out as four star books for me. Certainly worth the read if you like fantasy books, and the series develops some interesting ideas.

Under My Skin (Leap Books, 2010):

The gradual build-up of the plot is credible. Speaking as a Brit, some of the dialogue rather grates, but US readers might appreciate it more. However, the flaws which I have mentioned diminished my enjoyment of the whole, and made me feel that Morgan could have lavished a little more care on the production of the books as well as the imaginative aspects.

I do intend to catch up on the conclusion of the series in time, so these flaws have not deterred me from carrying on. These books were made available to me without charge but with no expectation of a review. What makes The Unfortunate Woods such an entertaining read is that it manages to avoid the boring fantasy tropes you've come to know and hate.

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Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)
Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1) Athame (The Unfortunate Woods Trilogy Book 1)

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